The Instant When

The culture and vineyard podcast of Champagne Taittinger

The moments of the Maison Champagne Taittinger retraced during this podcast


« The real heroes are the simple people, who are born and disappear without ever being spoken of, but who make the world.

Unique, irrational, personal and indefinable. The moment plays completely against the rules of time. In « The Soul of a House », the podcast, this moment is as fragile and strong as an emotion. It surprises you. It is so strong that it transports you. It is through this voice that the story of our adventures is woven.

Over the course of the episodes, this podcast retraces a few moments in the life of the House of Taittinger. From the vineyard to painting, from Rimbaud to the opera, they are all discoveries full of emotions. Join us and travel to the heart of the Taittinger Champagne soul.


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